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Re: PC: Former G39 ore jennies still operating?

 Them's Golden Wests, alright. I just didn't think that firm was still around, especially since the Un-ion gulped down Espee.
 I don't think Conrail repainted many ore cars, though, at least not into any kind of colorful (i.e. blue) paint. 

W Terry Stuart <tstuart -AT- forcomm.net> wrote:
Ken, et al...

That cut of cars came though our backyard overnight, much to my amazement.  While our automatic floodlights illuminated them enough for me to see the GVSR reporting marks, I could not catch any numbers.  Nor have I been successful in finding anyone in the area who also saw them.

I do think that they are ex-SP (the MDC model), based upon quick observation of their shape and design as well as agreement with your reasoning.

Nevertheless, the 'first impression' that they were freshly-painted CONRAIL jennies (their color was very similar) was a bit rattling, especially considering the hour (about 02:00).

Hopefully someone will get some photos in time and we'll be able to solve this intriguing mystery!


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If they were rebuilt yes they could still be interchanged. My reasoning on the ex SP cars is that most of the Golden west fleet is ex SP and SP did have ore jennies very similar to the PRR cars but longer at 26'. The MDC HO model that has been out for years is based on the SP cars. ---------   Ken McCorry

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