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Re: PC: Former G39 ore jennies still operating?

They'd be legal if they got a rebuild, wouldn't they?
I'm not saying they were, I'm genuinely curious.

KENNETH MC CORRY <keystonefarm -AT- verizon.net> wrote:
My guess is they were ex SP cars. I believe all the ex PRR jennies are no longer legal for interchange due to their age  40 years rule for cars built before 1975. If they were ex PRR cars I would love to see a picture if someone took one. ---------   Ken McCorry

Stephen Vargo <anthrax2525@yahoo.com> wrote:
GVSR would make them Golden West cars. There were a couple Ferromex gons (marks FXE) in an Un-ion Pacific consist today that got me thinking the same thing. It seems PK beat me to the punch, tho. 

PKMac101 -AT- aol.com wrote:
       About Tue of last week, I spotted what looked like 4 former G39 ore jennies moving eastward. The markings on the car appeared to be GVRS or GVSR. Not exactly sure as they were being passed by a westbound and I was looking through trailers. It appeared that the top cord of the car was somewhat thicker than a G39 but it could have been modified. Anyone know if these were former G39 ore jennies or not?
Pat McKinney

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