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PC: Lot 999-H?

Hi guys,

While doing some research for another one of my projects tonight, I came 
across this drawing for a "Lot 999-H" pressure differential covered 
hopper that looks more like a giant tank car than a covered hopper:


What's strange is that I have a lettering diagram book with this style 
of car in it, and now I've seen this drawing, but I don't recall ever 
seeing any actual photos of this style of car. The drawing says there 
were 5 cars, numbered 885300-885304 and they were built by Richmond Tank 
in 1966 as Lot 999-H.

Anyone know of any photos of these cars, in either NYC or PC paint? I'm 
just curious to see if these cars actually existed.

BTW, that drawing came from George Elwood's web site, where he has scans 
of a PC company freight car book with drawings and rosters. It can be 
found here: http://www.rr-fallenflags.org/pc/pc-frtcar.html


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