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Re: PC: PC 73313 & PC 73319


PC 73313 is ex PC 33440 which is an ex New Haven flat car. It was painted
as PC 33440 sometime during 1969 and renumbered sometime during 1974. The
NH number I don't know yet.

PC 73319 is ex New Haven 17836 painted into PC colors April 1974.

Being ex New Haven cars accounts for the lack of a lot number or class
stenciled on the cars.

Mark Branibar

       The PC 73313 & 73319 seem to be destined to stay PC under NS for a
while. The wheel car 73313 has been in front of the Misc.shop for some time
now. I have not gone over to see it up close recently but can see it from
the road running from CP WORKS to ROSE yd office. The 73313 seems to have
round caps covering the ends of the roller bearing. conversation with a
conductor that works the Juniata shop area says it rarely moves
  The 73319 was loaded with wheels at the Rose car shop last Wed and was
shifted out to go to Lewistown on the local this past Sat. The cast frame
has had a hole cut in it just below the PC logo to give it more room to
have the air brake valve installed as it appeared to extend into the car
side frame area. No PRR class marking so maybe the L-40-0 marking is ex
    Can anyone dig up the former class for these two cars?
   Still a few PC G46 gons roaming in the area in fair cond but with
markings become very faint except for cars numbers that appear to have been
sprayed over to make them more visible.

Pat McKinney

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