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PC: Penn Central/PRR/NYC/CR items for sale

Hi guys,

Here's the latest list of PC surplus items I've put together. The numbers
aren't sequential anymore because some of the items are spoken for already.
But there's still lots of good stuff left! Hope there's something
interesting for YOUR collection! As usual, prices do not include shipping.
email me off list at gary -AT- mssinc.com


1. Railroad Police Double-Feature DVD! (The Railroad Special Agent & The
Great Train Robbery).Two (approx.) 15 minute movies on one DVD. The first is
from the late 1940s and shows railroad police (called Special Agents or
Cinder Dicks in the movie). PRR police are shown, as well as police from
other railroads. Very interesting black & white footage, showing both steam
& diesel, as well as stations, etc. The 1940s language is particularly
interesting The second movie is in color and was done in 1971 by Penn
Central police, using hidden cameras. It documents the problem of freight
car looting in the New York City area, showing many instances of breaking
into cars & stealing content, as well as arrests being made. Clips from this
movie can be seen in the Feb. 1972 PC POST employee magazine. This is an
eye-opening look at PC that I guarantee you haven't seen before! This DVD
was transferred from a BETA videotape, which itself was made from16mm tapes.
As a result, picture quality of the video is fair (grainy), due to the loss
in picture each time it was transferred. But the audio is fine & the content
is dynamite! $15

4. PRR CT1000E Dated May 1, 1945, this hardcover book lists every station,
siding, etc. in the Eastern Region. This includes the New York Zone,
NY&LBRR, Phila. Terminal, Maryland, DELMARVA, Middle Div, Williamsport, &
Wilkes-Barre Divisions. Excellent condition. $355.

5.PRR "Pinochle" Playing cards. Single deck of white cards with red & gold
PRR keystone in the middle. Red felt box lid with the PRR keystone & the
wording "PENNSYLVANIA: RAILROAD: Pinochle" in gold. Still in the original
cellophane wrap, which is cracked, but intact. There is a little dirt under
the cellophane on the bottom back of the deck. Very good condition overall.

6. PC passenger service employee lapel pins & FREE uniform buttons: Cast in
the shape of a PC logo with a bronze finish, these are one of the
nicest-looking PC items ever produced (in my humble opinion). Excellent
condition. Normally I sell these for $15 a pair, BUT I HAVE TOO MANY RIGHT
NOW! SPECIAL FOR THIS LIST: I'll include a pair of gold uniform buttons- 1
each large & small for free. For the 2 lapel pins & 2 buttons: $15

8. Metroliner key fob. Also from the gift catalog, this key fob has the a
3-D Metroliner mounted on a circular decorative metal disk. Mint
condition-still in the original blue plastic box with see- through lid. $15

10. PRR patch- not sure if this is original PRR or an early after-market
patch, but it's a small red keystone with white embroidered PRR logo &
border. Very nice condition. $3.50

11. PC Specialty Menu: Syria Temple Shrine. This single-sided card Luncheon
menu is from a special train & is dated July 7,1968. It says "Enroute
Chicago" & has the PC name & logo at the bottom. $5

12. PC Menu: The Four Winds (Breakfast). Single white card with PC name &
logo, says "Enroute New York Train 54" at the bottom. Excellent condition.

13. Penn Central Safety Training movies (on DVD or VHS). Three short 16mm
movies (about 10-12 minutes each), were produced in (guessing) 1969 by PC. I
had them professionally transferred to DVD. First is titled "Walking or
Standing on Track"; second is: "Operating Hand Switches" and third "Getting
On and Off Equipment". Various "old technology" is shown, such as: hand
signals (no radios), footboards on locomotives, high ladders on cars,
journal boxes, etc. Locomotives shown are GG1s, ALCOs, EMD GP40s, etc. Many
NEAT scenes with music and narration. Film was shot entirely in electrified
territory. It also includes 2 short PSAs from the Green Cross. Condition is
reasonably good- there are scratches in the film and some loss of color
(most of it has a reddish tint to it). But overall, it's a real treat and a
pleasure to watch. About 35 minutes total. Your choice of DVD or VHS- $20. I
only have a few of these left!

14. AMTRAK red plastic coat hanger. Has the Amtrak name & logo on a sticker
in the middle of the hanger. Some soiling of the sticker, but very good
condition overall. $5.

15. "CALL US PENN CENTRAL" tab-back pin. Small white metal lapel "tab" pin,
given out right after the merger for employees to wear. Has red & black PC
logo in the center with "Call us" in red around the top & "Penn Central" in
black around the bottom. Very good condition except for minor scratches. $5.

16. PC Refrigerator magnet. From the official PC Company Souvenir catalog,
these small green rubber rectangular magnets have the PC name & logo raised
in white. Good condition. $5 LAST ONE

17. PC Metroliner book cover- Meant for school kids, this glossy paper book
cover shows a Metroliner passing at speed. Unused condition, but folded.

18. PC Golf Tees- Small (open) plastic bag contains 5 white plastic tees
with the PC logo in green on top. Also includes 2 ball markers with "Penn
Central" on them. $5

19. PC letter opener: "YOU CAN COUNT ON US" This PC advertising slogan of
1969-71 era is in green lettering, along with the PC name & logo on a white
background on the circular head of this gold metal letter opener. Comes
complete with original gold cardstock sleeve. A little surface rust here &
there (mainly on the blade inside the sleeve) detracts somewhat. A Marketing
Dept. giveaway item. $9

20. PC 6' tape measure: Gold circular tape measure with the PC name & logo
in green on a white background on one side. Excellent condition. Marketing
Dept. giveaway item. $13

22. PC UNIPECO Fine-Riter pen. UNIPECO made this black plastic (lower half)
and gold metal (upper half) pen in the USA. The PC logo is embossed in gold
against the black background. A very well-made retractable ball-point pen
for it's day. MINT condition. $7

23. PRR stick-on name tags & small decals. Name tag is in the shape of a PRR
keystone with a wide bar through the middle (shaped like a station sign).
Back peels off, exposing adhesive. Also, a small PRR moisten-adhesive
sticker. You will get one name tag & 2 of the small ones- $2 for 3 pieces.

21. "Penn Central Federal Credit Union Syracuse 1948-1972" plate. Nice 8"
souvenir plate with the wording listed in the title in gold around an NYC
F-unit painted in the middle. Excellent condition. Nice display item. $12

29. PC "You Can Count On Us" green plastic keychain. Has PC logo and name,
along with slogan, all in white. Very good condition. $17

30. PC 2.25 inch pinback. Nice light green pin with PC logo in white in MINT
condition. Not sure of the origin of this one- could be original PC issue or
could be after-market (I've had it for a LONG time, so would be early
after-market if not original) $5

31. "Penn Central-Route of the Metroliners" paper cup.6 Oz. cup with the PC
name & slogan wrapped around the cup on an attached band. Mint condition. $3

34. LIRR TDI Public TTs. 8 small publics, all from the various lines of the
Long Island RR. Each also has the MTA logo. All 8 are from Oct. 30, 1972. $5

35. Metroliner interior photo enlargement.  Not sure who did this
enlargement, but I don't think it was done by the railroad. Nice 8x10 photo
shows passengers relaxing in a parlor car setting. This is an official PRR
or PC company photo seen in Metroliner advertising brochures. It's printed
on Kodak Professional paper, it's a little grainy due to the enlarging.

36. PC EMD SD40 Builder's plate- Serial number 36925, PC # 6269 dated 1-71.
Rectangular 5x15 inch stainless steel plate with "Electro-Motive Division
LaGrange Illinois", etc. in silver against a black background & the letters
"GM" against a blue background. Very good condition, colors are very strong
& all bolt holes are intact. $69

37. PC EMD SD40 Builder's plate- Serial number 3692, PC # 6266 dated 10-70.
Rectangular 5x15 inch stainless steel plate with "Electro-Motive Division
LaGrange Illinois", etc. in silver against a black background & the letters
"GM" against a blue background. Good condition, some loss of black paint (10
percent), blue is good with some minor loss. All bolt holes are intact. $49

38. PC EMD GP40 Builder's plate- Serial number 34283, PC # 3106 dated 8-68.
Same plate as above, but needs cleaned. Black paint is in very good
condition, blue paint is faded about 50 percent. All bolt holes are intact.

39. PRR Freight Car Movement Reporting System ruler: Unusual 8 inch white
plastic ruler has the PRR logo at one end & lots of holes that correspond to
letters & numbers on the ruler. I suppose this was used for reading computer
punch cards. Has a standard 8 inch ruler at the top, broken down by 1/16th
inch increments. Interesting piece. $4

43. PC Playing Cards- Pinochle single deck. White card with green PC name,
logo & border. Green felt box with white PC name & logo. Mint condition-
still wrapped in cellophane. $20

Next, something a little unusual for my lists- I have decided to start
"cleaning out" a few magazines, books, etc. that I no longer need.

46. "A Sampling Of Penn Central" by Jerry Taylor. THIS IS THE BEST BOOK EVER
WRITTEN ON PENN CENTRAL (in this collector's opinion). Why? Because it was
written by a PC General Manager, who KNEW the railroad. This book covers the
entire Southwest Region (Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky)
in intimate detail. About 400 pages, each page has a black & white photo
with a full page of description about the photo on the facing page. If you'
re into how a railroad REALLY works, trackage arrangements, shippers,
operations, etc., then this book simply can't be beat & can never be
duplicated. Originally published in 1973, this is a 2000 reprint by Indiana
University Press. This book is currently available from IUP for $60, I am
offering it here brand new, still in the shrink wrap for $50 LAST ONE!

47. "A Sampling of Penn Central"- (same as above, but used copy). This is a
good choice if you want all the content, but don't mind a little coffee. On
the first 5 or so pages, a coffee stain the size of a quarter is in the top
middle. For the next 20 or so pages (& a very few after that), there is very
MINOR staining along the top edge at the same place. The rear cover has a
stain also. About 370 of the 400 pages are completely clean. An excellent
chance to get a great book at less than half-off retail. $25

48. Heart of the Pennsylvania Railroad: The Main Line Phila. to Pittsburgh.
1996, by Robert McGonigal, published by Kalmbach. B&W, 127 pages. Very good
condition. MANY full page photos of both steam & diesel. Covers the Phila.,
Middle & Pittsburgh Divisions. $15


52. PC Stock Certificates: First, the original stocks issued from 2/1/68 to

"Pennsylvania New York Central Transportation Company" (PANYCTC) Capital
Stock less than 100 shares (reddish-brown)

"Pennsylvania New York Central Transportation Company" Capital Stock 100
shares (blue)

On May 1, 1968, the name of the railroad was changed from PANYCTC to "Penn
Central" officially. The original stocks had a red over stamp put on them at
the middle bottom to indicate this change that says "The name of this
Corporation has been changed to PENN CENTRAL COMPANY" These were issued
after May 1, 1968:

"Pennsylvania New York Central Transportation Company" Capital Stock less
than 100 shares (reddish-brown) with red overstamp at the middle bottom.

"Pennsylvania New York Central Transportation Company" Capital Stock 100
shares (blue) with red over stamp.

In late 1969, new stock certificates were issued with the name PENN CENTRAL
COMPANY at the top, replacing the Pennsylvania New York Central
Transportation Company heading:

"Penn Central Company" Common Stock less than 100 shares (gold)

"Penn Central Company" Common Stock 100 shares (pink)

I have a few of the PANYCTC stocks dated February 1968- issued in the first
month of PC's existence! "First come" gets the earliest dates. You are
buying 6 stocks here (1 example of each described above) for 1 money. $15

53. Just the first four stocks listed above:

First, the original stocks issued from 2/1/68 to 5/1/68:

"Pennsylvania New York Central Transportation Company" (PANYCTC) Capital
Stock less than 100 shares (reddish-brown)

"Pennsylvania New York Central Transportation Company" Capital Stock 100
shares (blue)

"Pennsylvania New York Central Transportation Company" Capital Stock less
than 100 shares (reddish-brown) with red overstamp at the middle bottom.

"Pennsylvania New York Central Transportation Company" Capital Stock 100
shares (blue) with red over stamp.

All 4 stocks for one money $10

54. PRR stock certificates

Orange with your choice of either the Horseshoe Curve or the Pennsylvania
State Seal vignette. $3 each, 2 for $5 (1 of each style included). 10 stocks
(your choice which style or a mix of both) $10. 50 stocks for $30

55. PRR Safety Rules- MOW & Structures Employes. 127 pages- brown cover-
dated Nov. 1, 1957. Good condition. $3

56. CR 1987 Division Map Booklet. Shows all the CR divisions, one per page.
>From March 1987. $8

57. CR patch. 2.5 x 2 inch patch has CONRAIL & the can opener logo, along
with a border all in blue, embroidered on a white background. Mint
condition. $2.50

58. CR "TRACKS" Kids coloring book. 14 pages with text & pictures for the
kids to color, all related to safety. Even has a small board game on the
last page. Has the CR name & logo on the back cover. Mint condition. $5

59. CR Engineering Department pencils- White, unsharpened with blue name &
logo, along with the wording "Engineering Department". Have 2- both mint. $2
each- both for $3.

60. CR fold-out system map. Beautiful color map from June 1993. Have 2 - $3
each- both for $5.

62. CR "Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum Limited" train booklet from
April 24, 1998. Very nice 10 page spiral bound booklet given out to riders
of this special train that describe points of interest along th4e right of
way from Gallitzin to Harrisburg, $3

63. CR coffee mug: From the estate of a NS / former CR Division
Superintendent: white mug with CR name & logo & "Clear Signal Express June
18,1998" on it. On the back is the wording "It's not the end, It's a perfect
blend". All wording is in blue. Mug has a gold rim & is in mint condition. I
think this has to do with an inspection train of some sort. $10

64. Framed photo: CR Office Car Special crossing the Schuylkill River. CR
E8s 4020 & 4021 lead the CR OCS train over the Schuylkill River Bridge with
stone abutments near Philadelphia in this 8x12 color scene. BEAUTIFUL
professional custom frame and mat complete this (overall) 13x17 inch wall
hanging from a NS/ former CR executive's office (believed to be the
Pittsburgh Division Superintendent). Near mint condition- frame has one
minor nick on the right side. You won't see another one of these anywhere!

65. CR Quality pin. Beautiful gold pin with the Conrail logo inside a Q with
a blue background. MINT- still in the wrapper. $5

66. NS flag / American flag pin. Gold pin with both flags. MINT- still in
wrapper. $5

67. Operation Lifesaver pin. Done in the shape of a crossing flasher. Gold
tone with red & white crossbucks. MINT- still in wrapper. $2.50

68. Conrail/CSX/NS executive coasters. From the same NS executive- these
coasters are heavy gold metal with black vinyl insert and the logos of all 3
railroads in raised relief the middle. Has a cork backing. Comes in the
original box. Have 3- $18 each- all 3 for $45

69. PRR paint brushes: Long handled brush- side-stamped RUBICO A.A.R. 14-C
P.R.R. Nice used condition. Bristles are in very good shape. $20 each- have

70. PC POST- Special Issue- AGNES FLOOD (Aug/Sept. 72). The only one with a
red cover. Fair condition- fold has a tear at the top. $2

80. CR police patch. Styled after the Penn Central patch, this has 19 stars
and an eagle in yellow, with the Conrail logo in the center (blue & white),
all against a blue background. Mint condition. $10


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