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RE: PC: B&A/PC 70-ton coal hoppers

Hi Mark:
Thanks so much for your willingness to lend a hand. It is greatly

I've been meaning to do one of these cars for the longest time and only
realized last night that the photo I had was for the later series and
does not match the Stewart car that I have.

Thanks again. I look forward to getting those pics when you have the

All the best,


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I have photos of both the NYC version and the PC version of this car
865-H) that I can make scans of and e-mail them to you. You just need to
give me a week or so to get some free time to do it.

PC also painted a group of class H39B hoppers in this scheme (the other
numbers you were talking about).

Mark Branibar


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I've searched the obvious online sources for photos of a B&A coal hopper
in the 910000-910649 number series, which apparently matches the Stewart
70-ton, 14-panel hopper. I'll check with Bob's Photos next time I see

I'd like to letter a couple of these for B&A with the NYC herald and
then the mating worms of PC.

I have found photos of a B&A hopper in a higher number series that does
not match the Stewart car.

Anyone ever run across photos of these cars, or have an idea where I
might find photos?


Dave Owens
West Hartford, Connecticut

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