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PC: 2006 Convention!

Most of us were up too late looking at movies and slides and we are probably just now recovering!

Jim Reaves did a great job - hotel worked out great,  The coal pier tour was shorter than I had hopped for but we could see what was going on from the van.

We might have been the last group to visit the
Baltimore Society of Model Engineers since the might be losing there lease .

The Annul Business Meeting started and ended on time - maybe a first
Watch for some By-laws improvements to be voted on and hopefully in Oct,  a 2007 calendar.

The B&O Museum - it was good to see it repaired after the roof collapse. Only one piece was totally crushed as I heard it

Good Speaker at the dinner!
Rush Loving Jr. who wrote "The Men Who Loved Trains" spoke. Thanks Chuck French! for that last minute find of Rush Loving Jr after our first speaker could not attend.  Many of us bought the book at the B&O Museum and he signed them.

There were about 40 members there - many faces we knew - some new ones, but as always - great fellowship!

Again, a well deserved thanks to Jim Reaves for putting it together. A thank you also goes to the other past convention chairs who gave Jim good advice.

Jim Hebner

PKMac101@aol.com wrote:
       I haven't seen any posts on how the 2006 Penn Central Convention was in the Baltimore area this year. I was not able to attend again. Looking forward to reading about what remains of the former PC territory.
Pat McKinney

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