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PC: RE: EP-5's/ E40C's

Mr. Kermit,

	After having the opportunity to operate them < for, oh, too short of
time >, I would appreciate some more shots. I am trying at this late date to
collect shots of as many of the different locomotives there were THAT I
OPERATED. I have been going back through my "time book"s and getting the
number(s) and date(s) I ran which engine. Being from Baltimore, I ran mostly
electric motors and very few diesels until Conrail KILLED them. It is a real
shame they did, too, because the throttles on the motors had 21 to 28 or
more notches with which to fine tune how you were operating your train.
Desease-uls only have the AAR standard 8 notches of power. For example
E-44's gave you three notches to choose for every equivalent 1 notch on a
desease-ul. Thanks.

Earl Karper, Sr.

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> If anyone would like to see what these beauties looked like while running
> in
> local service in the Trenton/ Morrisville area, contact me off-list & I'll
> send you some shots..  These were some that our great editor has chosen to
> ignore, refusing the membership at large from seeing them.
> Kermit Geary, JR
> SRS 815
> kgjr1554 -AT- earthlink.net

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