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       Anyone who has made their way through the Alttona yard over the past 30 plus years may recall seeind the ex PRR B74BA horse car that was painted yellow. It was on the south side of the former eastbound receiving yard,about 1000 ft west of the former Juniata Scales building. It has finally been sold for scrap. It has been in extremely poor rotting cond for years having salt stored in it and other MW related items. The roof had many holes in it adding to the rottng cond especially where the salt had been stored.
   I removed the plate with the car number, some truck and paint information. The car is the 5839,which is the former RACELAND at one time but may have carried another name,as some names were changed.
    A  ex PRR X29 is also on the scrappers list to be cut up. It also was an MW storage car that had been removed from it trucks and put on the ground sitting on ties. The X29 was about 50ft west of the former Juniata Scales.
Pat McKinney

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