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Re: PC: 1969 Plymouth/Penn Central TV ad

 Maybe so. I'd also be willing to bet that the condition of the equipment is also due to the fact that Penn Central was still quite new and hadn't quite managed to go to hell in a bucket yet. Weathering does take time, you know. And also lack of money. And care. And you get the point.
 Regarding the paint and blur out, even back then it was being done. Watch the iconic car chase in "Bullitt" and you'll see Steve McQueen's Mustang is missing all of it's badging, down to the pony medallion on the back. Oddly, however, the black '68 Charger has everything intact including the red "R/T" badges.

zootowerprr -AT- webtv.net wrote:

Glad you like it. It's obvious Penn Central put their best
foot forward on this ad. Shiny diesels, freshly painted cabin and new
"PC" emblems for the racks. Even though Chrysler paid for the ad, Penn
Central got a free ad.
In today's world, the raiload emblems would've been blurred or
painted out.

HEY CHUCK...If you out there, where is the location of the
tunnel and the bridge? I'm pretty sure it's ex New York Central (Hudson
or Mohawk Div.). Looks like the bridge was double tracked at one time.


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