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Re: PC: PC Hi-Cube Box in Altoona

In a message dated 8/10/2006 8:31:43 PM Eastern Daylight Time, anthrax2525 -AT- yahoo.com writes:
Can you possibly post a picture? It's been ages since I've seen the Central cigar band. What a surprise that there's a (admittedly decrepit) Reading car left in original markings, too.
I don't have a digital camera that I can download to the computer. I will probably use my old reliable canon 35mm. The RDG car is already cut up and a EL gon has been pushed in.
   Last year there were two RDG tank cars that had been sitting in the Juniata shop area since the begining of CR and they were finally moved out to be cut up.I would have thought that some RDG group would have tried to save them. The tank portions were sold,removed from their frames, trucked away and the frame and trucks cut up.
   What is odd is that there is a wheel car( There may possibly be two) that is still used by NS that retains its full green PC dress in rather good condition. Also there are numerous PC
G46 gons in revenue service lettered PC,although  most are in need of a good paint job and the marking are hard to read account of rust.These seemed to have escaped CR repaint along with other EL 70 ton hoppers used in ballst service.
Pat McKinney

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