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Re: PC: 1969 Plymouth/Penn Central TV ad

Charles J. French Jr. wrote:

> If it was shot in the northeast and the train is ML-12. My guess is it 
> was shot on the River Line. The first scene looks like it's coming out 
> of the tunnel at Kingston which comes directly out onto a high trestle 
> bridge around MP 86. 

Looks like you're correct on that one, as this CR shot at Kingston sure 
looks like the same bridge:


> The River Line was a double track line at one time but was then and is 
> now a single track line.

Much to CSX's chagrin...

BTW, I think they'd have a hard time making a similar commercial today. 
Those full-enclosed autoracks they run now just wouldn't show off the 
automobiles as well. :)

Speaking of neat stuff that Chuck might know about, here's a couple 
pictures of some former PC relics recently photographed in the weeds 
near Albany:



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