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Re: PC: 1969 Plymouth/Penn Central TV ad

Hello Dave,

If it was shot in the northeast and the train is ML-12. My guess is  
it was shot on the River Line. The first scene looks like it's coming  
out of the tunnel at Kingston which comes directly out onto a high  
trestle bridge around MP 86. The next scene looks like it's passing  
the highlands around MP 75. The last scene looks like it's coming  
around the curve at Jones Point across the Hudson River from  
Peekskill, around MP 41. It looks like it's on the Hudson River and  
you can also see Iona Island behind the train.

The River Line was a double track line at one time but was then and  
is now a single track line.

Hope this helps,


PennCentral -AT- Taconic.Net

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