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Re: PC: 1969 Plymouth/Penn Central TV ad

Awesome! Thanks for the heads-up!

Here's the URL for one of them, so you don't have to search...


Made my morning!


zootowerprr -AT- webtv.net wrote:

>Hey Y'all
>           About a year ago, I talked about a VHS tape I bought years
>ago that featured Chrysler-Plymouth and Dodge TV commercials. One of the
>ads was all Penn Central. Showed the new Plymouth cars on PC auto racks
>and freshly painted PC locomotives.
>         This and other old TV ads can be seen on "youtube.com". It
>takes a while to download these commercials but it's worth the wait.
>There's a still shot of a Plymouth Roadrunner sitting on a autorack.
>Click on that and the ad should start. 
>          The opening shot is the best as ML-12 exits a tunnel and rolls
>out on to a massive steel truss bridge that crosses a river. Hope you
>guys like it. 
>Dave Hopson

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