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Re: PC: Repainted E7Bs

Unfortunately, none of the E7B's received PC paint.  The PRR units went to
their graves untouched except for the 4100 renumber.  The NYC units faired
the same except for 4104, 4107 & 4111.  They each got black paint outs over
the lower half of their bodies to obscure the name and stripe.  The 4107
actually got painted all black except for its number which remained NYC
style.  The black must have been a Floquil or Testors reject because most
of it wore off in six months. None of them got any PC logos or the PC name.
4111 was retired in April 1973 and 4104 & 4107 were retired in October
1973.  All three were mainly in Flexi Van mail service until their

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Happy Independence Day!

A friend of mine asked me if there are any pictures out there of an E7B
in full PC paint. I checked my books and usual web sites and could not
find any.

I'm guessing that perhaps none were ever given full PC paint jobs. Does
anyone have any pictures of an E7 B-unit wearing full PC paint?


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