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Re: PC: FL-9s/Convention

John Wilson wrote:
>  Did the Penn Central inherit all 60 of the FL-9s? 

Yes. All sixty went to PC and were renumbered 5000-5059.

> I'm thinking that
> this may be the most numerous PC locomotive that has yet to be offered
> in plastic in any scale.  Even the RS-27s have been made in O and I
> believe that there were only 27 of those.

Actually...I did a scan through the roster, and here's what I came up 
with for locomotives not offered in plastic (that I know of) and how 
many PC had:

E44/E44A electric - 66
DS4-4-660 - 63
FL9 - 60

However, if you only include diesels that PC owned, and figure that all 
those Baldwin switchers all look alike anyway, you're probably still 
right. :)

Speaking of former NH power....does anyone know when NH U25B 2525 was 
renumbered to PC 2685? There's a shot of it renumbered in Yanosey's _PC 
Power_ in 1971. I'm trying to figure out if it stayed in pure NH paint 
through the summer of 1969 or not.


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