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Re: PC: Shades of Agnes

Hello Dave,

Yup, several Pennsy passenger trains were re-routed over the old NYC  
during the 1972 floods. However, they were quickly dropped, once it  
was realized they could run trains on the old NYC route faster than  
on the old Pennsy route. They were annulled in short time!

A little history: Tommy Connell was my engineer from Syracuse to  
Albany and J.V. (Jazz) Carey was our reliving engineer at Albany.  
Jazz took the Broadway from Albany, NY to New York City! Both old  
time engineers are gone. Jazz Carey having only passed away this year  
at the ripe old age of 91! Everyone time Jazz saw me, he reminded me  
that we were the two last living who ran the Broadway on the Penn  
Central during the floods of 1972! Now I am the only one left!


PennCentral -AT- Taconic.Net

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