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Re: PC: PC centerflow hoppers

PC did not purchase any 4650 ACF covered hoppers.  The only ones that they had were the ex-NYC ones. I have only seen two photos of a PC 4650 and they were both of the same ex-NYC car as shown in the PC Color Guide.
If you have a photo of one of these in green it would be worth sharing!
However it may actually be a photo of a 4600 ACF coverd hopper car.  PRR had lots of these and many were repainted into PC colors.
The 4600 is lower and longer than the 4650 car.
-Tom Haag 
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hi group: 
first off, i do not have a copy of the guide to pc freight equipment, so here's a question. i'm unable to locate a picture of a pc 4650 cubic foot centerflow hopper. i need to know if pc purchased any of these new after 1972. the only pic i have is a ex-nyc centerflow in pc green and markings, but no one makes this car in the scale i model (N). any help is great. thanks! if someone has a pic that would be awesome too! 

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