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PC: re: PCRRHS Annual Convention: Baltimore District 2006

To all PCRRHS members:

Greetings! As most of you know, our annual convention will be held in the Baltimore area this year.

DATES:  September 14, 15 and 16 2006

HOTEL:  The hotel has changed account facilities! We're no longer going to be at the Hampton Inn; un-book any rooms reserved there! The new hotel will be the Holiday Inn Select, Timonium, MD  2004 Greenspring Drive 410-252-7373. When you call and make reservations, make sure you mention Penn Central Railroad convention. The cut-off date is August 15. Yes, this is early but it's standard practice around here so book as soon as you can. I'll have a web address by early next week to book your room on line. All rooms for the convention are $99.00.

PROGRAM: Working on several field trips; at least two will pan out. We'll also have the customary slide shows and hopefully one modelers workshop. Peter Binzen, co-author of The Wreck of the Penn Central may speak at the banquet; those arrangements are still being made.  There is an Orioles game Wednesday night for those interested (I forgot who they're playing; I'll get back to the list on that point.) No train shows scheduled, alas, but M.B. Klein's will be open for those willing to part with some money!

CONVENTION FEE: Still in calculation stage!

Stay tuned!

Jim Reaves

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