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PC: ITEMS for SALE May15th Part 3

   Please contact OFF list with the above subject with questions. Prices DO NOT 
incl shp. A couple of the items are big and heavy. Responses will be as soon as possible.

PRR Mid. Div ETT No.30, 9-24-39,some G.O.'s,VG used  $40 
PRR Mid. Div ETT No.10, 9-28-47, G.O.'s,VG used     $35
PRR Pgh. Reg. ETT No.6, 10-28-58,VG used,unissued   $25
PRR Pgh. Reg. ETT No.11,10-29-61,VG used cond,w/G.O.'s   $20
PRR Growth & Development of the PENNA. Railroad 1846-1926
        Good used condition,spine faded    $75
PRR 1954 TRAINS Mag article on PRR Electrics,Fair cond  $5
PRR  Early 1950's Scenic Guide of PRR System   $18
PRR  Hiring Manual - Nov,1956 Very good cond, $13
PRR Elec. Opr. Inst.,1960 rev.,VG cond, unissued   $9
PRR Storage stamps for baggage-full book of 100 - 5 cents, 35 cents, 
$12 ea.bk
PRR Grab bag assrtmnt of over 23 items in brown interoffice evlp or Lrg white evlp  - $20
PRR Diesel Years 4,VG used,   $35
PRR Diesel Years 6,New still sealed, $40
PRR Maroon Phone Book Cover     $10
PRR Middle Div Engr & Condr roster for Jan 1,1939 , cut & pasted in book   $20
PRR Name sticker,Keystone shape with rectangular name area across middle   $3
PRR Leather Conductors wallet (well used)name still visible
PRR 40 year Silver service pin     $35
PRR Battery Flashing marker (2),working,one has paint flaking off,other
        was repainted      $50ea  OR  $90pr
PRR Brite-Star Flashlight,Black,heavily used cond,Name very hard to read
        but there, works     $5
PRR 1st Aid Kit metal box, GD used cond, some scuffs & marks,no contents  $65
PRR Kerosene Can, VG cond,  $45
PRR Flag & Fusee Case, Good used cond,paint chipped from use    $45
PRR 1/2 pint milk carton cap      $15
PRR Cast Iron Milepost, 5/11,Partial,lower 4 ft broken off,top 4 ft remain,
        needs jagged portion cut square,some rusting through at edge of
        number,YOU MUST PICK UP,item to heavy to shp.   $125
PRR Hand cart for handling frt & baggage,Marked PRR Huntingdon Frt Sta.  $350
        MUST PICK UP
  Thank you
Pat McKinney
PKMac101 -AT- aol.com

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