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PC: Wreck involving PC U25C 6515

Hi All....

            I bought some original slides of a PC wreck and the lead
locomotive was PC U25C 6512.  The nose of the GE is badly damaged. The
slides have the date "Dec-73" on them. I talked to Mark Banibar last
night and he says it may be a wreck that happened on the B&A. 
          The U25C looks like it hit something then dug it self into the
ground. The trailing unit looks like another 2nd generation GE but I
can't see the number boards. Maybe a U25 or 28.  The trailing units
appear to be still on the rails. If anyone has any info on this wreck,
let me know. I'll send the set to Jim Hebner  for The Post. Thanks in

       Dave Hopson

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