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Re: PC: Proto 2000 U28B 2822 & 2823 with Yellow Numbers

ShenangoRS -AT- aol.com wrote:

> I knew about the "deluxe" lettering about 2 weeks ago fro Chip Syme.  I 
> spoke with Mark Branibar and mark pretty much confirmed that Life Like 
> used modeler's (manufacturer's) license in painting/lettering these 
> locomotives.

Hmmm. I can understand LL doing something a little different like that 
with a model where a railroad might have had a couple hundred of them, 
but going off the reservation when there were only two of that type 
exposes you as a model maker to a higher degree of scrutiny, especially 
when no photographic evidence could be found of those two engines ever 
having the yellow numbers. (Hence the conversation we're having now.)

I have to add that I was impressed with the handrails. They keep getting 
thinner all the time.

 > I haven't had the chance to operate them so I cannot comment as to
 > their operating characteristics and how they might mu with other
 > makes/models.

My pair ran together on a coal train for an entire op session a couple 
weeks ago, and they looked and sounded great! I was working the yard all 
night so I didn't actually get to run them myself, but the operator who 
was on that train said that ran fine and had no problem pulling a train 
of a dozen hoppers with live loads up and down the grades of the layout. 
It was pretty cool to watch and listen to them roll past the yard. :)

Once I get some more work done on the layout and give the entire layout 
and basement a good vacuuming, I'll try running mine MU'd with other 
engines. Right now there's too many tools blocking the main...

I don't think I've ever heard a real early U-boat prime mover, so I 
can't say if the sound on them is 100% correct, but it sounded a lot 
like a GE to me. My only adjustment I made on the sound was to turn down 
the volume to about 40%, as I like the sound to be a little more subtle.


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