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Re: PC: Re: 29 years ago today......

 Some individuals refuse to move with the times. Admittedly Pennsy was (oh hell, still is) a very hard act to follow.
 Also, there's the fact of nostalgia and it's coloring effect. Pennsy had it's problems, true, but then once it was gone, the problems get glossed over in memory, replaced by denunciations of the New Way Of The World.
 Finally, there probably aren't a lot of younger members joining the Pennsy Historical because they never saw/encountered/whatever the Pennsy. My eight year old son, who tends to get too fixed on trains (but then show me an eight year old without a one track mind of some sort), can't connect when I mention Penn Central. However, if I mention it in context with Conrail, he understands. It's familiarity.
 It's not you, Dave, in short.

zootowerprr -AT- webtv.net wrote:

Thank God for the Penn Central Railroad Historical Society.
At least we do acknowledge Conrail and it's existence. Yes, there was a
railroad after Penn Central. Talk to certain members of the PRRT&HS,
you'd think that after 1968, all the rails were taken up.
I think that this hatred for the Penn Central (and
Conrail,Norfolk Southern, CSX,etc) will hurt the PRRT&HS in the futre
because todays young railfans aren't joining their society. I don't
understand how a so called "historical" society bashes Penn Central (and
NYC for that matter), when Penn Central is part of PRR history. Is it
just me?


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