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PC: Re: Penn Central Starts: History Stops

John Wilson wrote:

Subject: PC: Penn Central Starts: History Stops

> It's not just you, Dave.  I've noticed that most New Haven fans also
> seem to react unpleasantly at just the mention of the Penn Central.
>  JW
     Absolutely correct John!   And face it, the NH was a shambles in the
1960's.   PC did what was economically correct to save what was left of the
NH.   Any other successor would have made the same changes.   PC is "bashed"
by NH fans who seem to forget how bad the NH was in the end.   NH was doomed
by the loss of manufacturing in New England and heavy passenger losses.   PC
cannot be (but is) blamed for that.
     I'm also a NH fan,  but few NH fans are also PC fans.   Goes back to
what Dave H. mentioned about PRR fans and PC.


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