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Re: PC: Re: 29 years ago today......

Sunbury above Harrisburg on the Buffalo Line was also great. Saw everything + CNW,BN,SP&S,BAR,Southern,and many more but I was too young to afford film. I didn't start lensing till 79. Still managed a few goodies though. Also on another Subject how about the Bicentennial Units!
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             I too love the PC "Worms" but I did get used to the
"can-opener". I love to hear those "serious" PRR guys talk about how
much they hate the PC worms. If I remember correctly, all of PRR 's
second generation were Brunswick Green with Keystones "sprinkled" on
             Those first years of Conrail or ConRail looked pretty wild
up at Horseshoe. You never knew what paint scheme would show up.
Watching LV Alcos and EL SDP45s on PC mainline was crazy. Penn Central
could have worked. Government cash, Staggers Act, who knows. And the
traffic was there. Anyhow, growing up in Philly, PC was everywhere.


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