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PC: Re: Thoughts on 2006 PC Calendar

Despite coming remarkably late to the discussion (what else is new?) I
thought I'd still offer a few personal opinions about the 2006 calendar:

-Some of the pictures did reproduce oddly. I asked myself at least once if
perhaps a hand-tinted photograph had made it into the mix. (Does anyone even
know how to do that any more?) We are lucky in that the primary livery for
the PC was black and white; whether it's color or not, the motive power
always is properly colored.

-I like having a PCRRHS calendar; it's a wonderful little thing to have
hanging over my desk. In fact, if I had ever made it to the last couple of
conventions, I would have requested that as a Society project. Luckily,
someone else in authority had already thought of it. (Next on the list would
be more "stuff" emblazoned with the "PC" logo and "PENN CENTRAL", but that's
a subject for a richer time.)

-The inclusion of date-specific PC facts & trivia is greatly appreciated.
The more the merrier, in my opinion. Heck, even terminal events of the PRR,
NYC, and NH would be valuable. ("New Haven trustees sue for inclusion; A.E.
Perlman Yard opens")

-I could probably take a price increase if the quality of the paper went up.
I think my ideal example would be the N&WHS calendars; they seem rather
tough. Of course, they're also a larger group that apparently has money to

-I realize that there's probably only so much that can be done with a
railroad that seemed to be deliberately ignored by photographers from time
to time, but I wouldn't mind the odd facility picture. Six Penn Center might
be appropriate for this, or perhaps GCT during the PC era.

These are just my observations. I've got no criticism for the work of the
folks who put it together, and have full confidence in the quality of the
2007 effort.

Michael Worrell
"You think you know what I'm doing, so obviously you don't."---Aeon Flux

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