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Re: PC: Question about hopper lettering

In a message dated 3/1/2006 10:29:21 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, jer -AT- smellycat.com writes:
I received this from a web site visitor, and I'm probably not enough of
an expert to know the answer. I know some of you guys are experts on
lettering sizes and that sort of thing, so possibly one of you might be
able to answer this for me. (Note that I'm not sure what he means by "my
coal car decal sets," as I don't sell decals.)
He is probably referring to the Central Decal set that is available from the PCRRHS.
Anyhow yes there were variations in the PC lettering for coal cars.
Early paint PC hopper car paint jobs came with PRR style numbers (10" tall) and some came with the PC reporting marks that appear to be 10" tall while most came with reporting marks 11" tall.   The 10" high numbers were pretty much the standard.    This applies to the 100-ton H43s (ex-PRR) and smaller size cars. 
Some ex-PRR H43s came with PC slanted style numbers that were 9" tall.  These were in the minority
PC also had a large number of 100-ton coal car built for them (the H43D class).  These cars came with numbers about 9" tall but the reporting marks seem to be bigger than the standard at around 12" tall.
The PC Post had a couple of good articles on modeling these cars.  Lots of pictures
Please note that I have PC decals available for the smaller coal cars (h%, H39, ex-NYC) that contain the 11" reporting marks and two different sizes of heralds.
-Tom Haag

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