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PC: Question about hopper lettering


I received this from a web site visitor, and I'm probably not enough of
an expert to know the answer. I know some of you guys are experts on 
lettering sizes and that sort of thing, so possibly one of you might be 
able to answer this for me. (Note that I'm not sure what he means by "my 
coal car decal sets," as I don't sell decals.)


-------- Original Message --------
> Trying to help a friend out and was wondering if you happen to know
> anything about PC's coal hopper lettering for HO scale.  According to
> some PC paint diagram info, it shows the "PC" marking on the side
> above the numbers as 11" in real-life, and the PC style numbers are
> 9" in real life.  But did PC also paint some of these cars w/ larger
> "PC"' 's and/or larger numbers at times or were they all mostly the
> size you have in your coal car decal sets (and according to the
> diagrams)?  (I noticed from stewart to bowser PC coal cars to
> everyone else, everyone has all different sizes so who's right and
> who's wrong when it comes to the manufacturer's?)
> Also noticed that it's possible to use microscale's PC freight car
> numbers and "PC"'s, but are the PC style numbers and "PC"'s actually
> too large?  (PC diagrams I've seen also show the PC markings and
> numbers the same size for both coal hoppers and boxcars).  Just
> wondering. Thanks, Tom

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