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Re: PC: Locomotive Histories needed...

 Long ago and far away, I remember seeing one of these GP10s working in Hammond/Whiting.
 There was a tiny nub left of the Panhandle line running from Colehour Yard to Standard Oil and Amoco Chemical. Once, sometimes twice a day there would be a cut of tank cars transferred into the refinery and occasionally into the chemical plant. I was (I think) 12 or 13 riding my bike when I got caught by one of these cuts. I don't recall the unit number, but there was a tiny ICG logo on the engine's frame, the dynamic brake bulges were intact but blanked over, and I was befuddled by what a "GP10" was.
 The track was finally pulled up back to the yard around 1990-93, and that section of the refinery (grease works, paraffin wax (candle and canning), a couple loading scaffolds, and a barrel house) were pulled down between 1994 and 2000.

Robert Holzweiss <robert.holzweiss -AT- nara.gov> wrote:

Although you did not ask, the "post-MBTA" lives of these uits are quite interesting. All the GP9s except for 7293 were traded to Illinois Central and rebuilt to GP10s during 1979-1980. Although some were later scrapped, the majority were sold by IC to short lines and still exist today. As for the E8s, the 4254, 4261, and 4264 have all been rebuilt and are operational (4254 and 4264 in Tennessee and 4261 as "DL&W 808" in upstate NY).

Bob Holzweiss

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