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PC: getting ready to paint..need some info

hi group!

just accuired  20 90 ton atlas  hoppers is n scale originally in CR paint. i 
happily stripped all 20 and i have painted them in PC black. i would like to 
know what number series the 90 ton hoppers were in. coulnd't pass up the 
price...new cars for free. i also purchased 26 intermountain ACF 4650 cu ft 
3 bay hoppers off ebay. they are now NYC and WM but will soon meet their 
fate in the stripper too. i need to find a pic on the net of one to go by 
for painting and a number series if anyone has these handy. the cars were 
9.99 each and it seems intermountain had a blow out sale and i scooped them 
up one late nite. i also bought 14 of the covered hoppers they did in PC but 
they will stay as is.

i would like to personally thank ebay for making me broke, but what a sight 
it will be on the layout!

thanks for the help in advance. and as far as N scale goes, drop by the 
yahoo group sometime!


randall smith
dayton ohio

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