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PC: Locomotive Histories needed...

I am in need of some histories for some locomotive photos that I have posted to a new album about the MBTA and I was wondering if anyone on this list could help.
The locomotives in question are:
EMD E8As  4254, 4261, 4263, 4264, 4266, 4268
EMD GP9s  7293, 7534, 7536, 7538, 7539, 7545, 7548, 7549, 7554, 7555, 7557
The 7500-series GP9s I know were originally New Haven but I would like to include the NH number in the captions for the photos... The E8s I have no clue on... while I also suspect that the 7293 is ex-PRR...
Any and all help would be appreciated.
The url for the album is: http://www.railimages.com/gallery/album463


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