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Re: PC: Re: Thoughts on 2006 PC Calendar

Subject: Re: PC: Re: Thoughts on 2006 PC Calendar

> The most likely point for the problem is the person that laid it out, 
> tweaked the photos and approved the proof.
> And that person is me.
> I am sorry that some of the shots do not meet everyones expectations.
> This years calendar was better than last years. Next years will hopefully 
> be better than this years.
> Jim Hebner
 So let me first apologize to Mr Hopson, a $15 all-color caledar with washed 
out Kodachromes is not a good thing.Not that the originals were washed out 
mind you, just the tweaking Mr Hebner refers to apparently created this 
effect. I had a few photos published in CTC a long time ago and invariably 
CSX would be produced in b/w, while NS would come out in color..Doh!!  And 
not to step on anyone else's toes, but for a low quality paper calendar, it 
is actually very good, color not withstanding. Is it as good as the C&NWHS 
offering I have on the wall? Not no, but heck no! But.....with 1000+ members 
they can afford to go the best printer, White River, Eudaly's outfit IIRC, 
and use a better quality paper.
And again, was this vehicle a fund raiser for the society, with the $15 
price tag, or was that most reasonable SRP to recoup investment? If it was 
the former, great, mission accomplished. But if the latter statement was 
closer to the truth, then assuredly someone should be looking for a printer 
that would be able to produce a better product within our budget 

BTW, I thought the fire truck was the best shot in the whole 
year........because how often has that subject been published anywhere else? 

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