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Re: PC: Re: Thoughts on 2006 PC Calendar

I work with print buyers and if the printer messed it up, they are 
obligated to reprint the entire run. This goes for any run, no matter 
what the size.

I haven't seen the calendars, so I can't speak to the specific issue. 
But I appreciate the effort that went into it....


PennCentral -AT- Taconic.Net wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> Maybe we should contact the printer and see if we're entitled to some  
> kind of refund on the calendars. Yes, three pictures are mostly black  
> N white which should have been in color, we did pay the color price  
> for 600 pictures. We should be entitled to something, 25% are not in  
> color. This isn't really going to help those that have purchased a  
> calendar at the $15 price though.
> Perhaps in the future, before taking anything printed or made such as  
> Posts, calendars, hats, clothing etc., we should inspect them  
> thoroughly so this doesn't happen again.
> Chuck
> PennCentral -AT- Taconic.Net

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