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Re: PC: Re: Thoughts on 2006 PC Calendar

          Ok, lets do it this way. April 2006 photos is only about 10%
color. I saw the original slide. July 2006, I own the original
Kodachrome. It's a bright sunny day with blue water in the lake. My
photo is only 5% color.
          November 2006, those RDG cars should jump out at you. Only the
sky has a trace of color. I paid for an all color calendar and got a
calendar with 3 B&W photos in it. Just because it's a run of 200 doesn't
make it ok to botch the color photos. You're right,you didn't see the
original slides. So how can you comment on the color? I guess those who
didn't contribute to the cause, the calendar is great. I guess if the
whole calendar was B&W that would be grteat too,right? 
          The shot of Horseshoe from the watertank is one of my favorite
shots. And the shot at Spruce Creek (Mark's slide) is a great rare shot.  
            Yeah, I know, I'm just complaining about nothing right? If I
said nothing and just ask for a refund that would make it all better.
But I'm not going to do that. My 15 cents worth.

   And BTW, others who bought the calendar feel exactly the way I do. I
guess they were worried about saying something about. What gave them
that idea. Add 1 cent.

Dave Hopson 

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