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PC: Re: Thoughts on 2006 PC Calendar

>           I just want to say that I wasn't pleased with the Society's
> 2006 calendar. I was pretty excited about getting them but when I looked
> through them, three of the pictures were black and white. Turns out all
> of the calendars are this way.
>            IMHO, all of the calendars should have been sent back to the
> printer to be reprinted. Just my 2 cents worth.

Remember, the main color in all but a couple of these photos is black. All 
the shots are in color, even the GG1 that looks to be in black and 
white(note the green boxcars trailing). Without seeing the originals, and I 
assume they are all most likely Kodochromes, you cannot judge how the 
printer interpreted the files given to them. Reproduction may not be the 
best, but for a small print run I think it's an outstanding job. Want better 
color? Better paper? Price has to go up as well as the print run. Probably 
have to do 500-1000 and the price will have to go up 50%-100%. I would pay 
it, but what are we going to do with the other say 300-800 leftovers? 

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