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PC: Why We Don't Offer N Scale Kits

To answer the question of why we don't offer our kits in N

What it all boils down to is that we don't have the sales to
justify the production.  A friend of mine who is in this business was 
approached by someone who wanted to see
Southern Railway cabooses done in N scale.  He did some
extensive polling of N scale Southern modelers, came up with only 130 people 
who would buy them, but ONLY if they were factory painted, ready to run and 
sold in the $20-$25 dollar range.
None of this is feasible for such a small quantity for the suggested price. 
The cost of production plus the low number of sales could easily push the 
suggested retail cost up to 10 times that said by modeler's they'd pay, 
possibly more.  It seems that no one that he spoke with saw any interest in 
a N scale craftsman kit.  While there are companies that do N scale etchings 
I can't imagine how difficult it would be to work with some of our parts in 
N scale.  I still feel some parts would be impossible to have photo etched. 
While we could have some items, like end railings, injection molded, the 
cost of tooling would be prohibitive to such a low return on investment.  In 
order to make it feasible the price per kit would be completely out of range 
and would limit sales even further.  From my experience less than 1% of what 
I've sold to date with each individual kit in HO was requested in N scale. 
That includes the first run we did of the PC N7 in 2002.
While I'm not saying that this is the case with this re-tooled car as we are 
just coming out with it, but I have had
only 1 request to date.   I must repeat that we have never had the interest 
sufficient to cover the costs of tooling our kits in N scale.  I must be 
able to coup my investment and make a profit in order to stay in business.
There are many things I'd like to see done in HO scale but
will not be done due to lack of sales.
I have nothing against N scale.  I like it.  I don't have a layout myself, 
but if I did it would be N scale due to my lack of space.  I think 
Micro-Trains are very nice and extremely well done.  So I don't have any 
against N scale.  I love it.  I have some Micro Scale N scale trains in my 
collection.  While I sympathize with those who would like to see us work in 
N scale, I simply cannot justify doing this from a purely business 
standpoint.  Again, nothing personal or prejudiced.  It's just business.
Gary Wright
Wright Trak Railroad Models
P O Box 158
Clarkesville, GA  30523

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> Gregg wrote,
> >I really don't think this is the issue here...
> What do you think the issue is Gregg?
> Gary Farmer
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>> Well, Gary... I know that photo-etched parts can be made in N-scale.
>> Companies like Sunrise Enterprises and Gold Medal Models make everything
>> from catwalks, grab-irons, stirrups... even scale-lift rings! >
>> -Gregg B.
>> >From: "Gary Wright" <wrighttrak -AT- alltel.net>
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>> >Subject: Re: PC: NYC/PC/CR Caboose - ORDER NOW!
>> >Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 02:03:22 -0500
>> >
>> >Gregg,
>> >I understand.  The main hindrance in producing these in HO scale is the
>> >photo etchings.  These would be impossible to reproduce in that scale.
>> >Gary Wright
>> >Wright Trak Railroad Models
>> >P O Box 158
>> >Clarkesville, GA  30523
>> >
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>> >Subject: RE: PC: NYC/PC/CR Caboose - ORDER NOW!
>> >
>> >
>> >>Ah... I assume you are talking HO scale.  If only these were being made
> in
>> >>N-scale as well.  I would likely buy a amall fleet...
>> >>
>> >>-Gregg B.
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>>From: "Gary Wright" <wrighttrak -AT- alltel.net>
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>> >>>Subject: PC: NYC/PC/CR Caboose - ORDER NOW!
>> >>>Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 00:12:33 -0500
>> >>>
>> >>>Guys,
>> >>>We are now taking orders for the newly retooled NYC Lot 827, PC and
>> >>>Conrail Class N7 steel bay window caboose
>> >>>with photo etched parts.  Check out the photos on our web
>> >>>page at http://www.wrighttrak.com to see pre-production
>> >>>samples on the home page and then click on the link
>> >>>ON THE READY TRACK to see more photos.  We are taking
>> >>>orders now.  We are expecting to ship in late February.  You need to
>> >>>place your orders this week if necessary.
>> >>>Give us contact information so we can call you and get this
> information.
>> >>>We will be setting up a PayPal account in the next few days, but until
>> >>>then, we will call for your information to keep you from sending this
>> >>>sensitive information via email.
>> >>>Please specify NYC or PC/CR versions when ordering as
>> >>>the end railings are unique to each version.
>> >>>Also, let me know if you want these with or without
>> >>>decals.
>> >>>Thanks!
>> >>>We are offering 3 and 6 pack quantity discounts.  Information 
>> >>>available
>> >>>on the website.
>> >>>If you should have any questions or would like to place an order,
> please
>> >>>contact me off list at wrighttrak -AT- alltel.net
>> >>>PLEASE NOTE - I will be going out of town on Friday afternoon February
>> >>>17th and will and will not be back until Monday afternoon February
> 20th.
>> >>>If you should try and contact me during those days I will not be
>> >>>available.  I always
>> >>>take my notebook computer with me when I travel, but my destination
> does
>> >>>not have high speed internet hook ups available.  If you contact me
>> >>>during the President's day weekend I will not be available - but I 
>> >>>WILL
>> >>>contact you upon my return.
>> >>>Thanks guys!  This is one very fine looking model.
>> >>>Gary Wright
>> >>>Wright Trak Railroad Models
>> >>>P O Box 158
>> >>>Clarkesville, GA  30523
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
>> >
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