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PC: Penn Central RR items for sale

Hi guys,

Here's my latest PC railroadiana sales list, with a little different format
this time. Prices do not include shipping. Hope you find something

uniform items:

1.  SOLD

2.  PC "TRAINMAN" hat badge.  Beautiful gold pebble-finish badge has the PC
logo in red enamel & the word TRAINMAN in black enamel. Near mint condition.

3.  SOLD

4. PC passenger service employee lapel pins & FREE uniform buttons:

Cast in the shape of a PC logo with a bronze finish, these are one of the
nicest-looking PC items ever produced (in my humble opinion). Excellent
condition. Normally I sell these for $15 a pair, BUT I HAVE TOO MANY RIGHT
NOW! SPECIAL FOR THIS LIST: I'll include a pair of gold uniform buttons- 1
each large & small for free. For the 2 lapel pins & 2 buttons: $12

passenger trains items:

5. "Penn Central-Route of the Metroliners" paper cup.

 6 Oz. cup with the PC name & slogan wrapped around the cup on an attached
band. Mint condition. $4

6.  PC embroidered hand towel: One of the nicer things that PC had made,
this white cloth hand towel was manufactured by MARTEX and has the wording
"(PC logo) PENN CENTRAL  (PC logo)" in medium green, set against a light
green background. Absolutely MINT condition- not a mark on it. $18

7. PC Specialty Menu: Syria Temple Shrine.  This single-sided card Luncheon
menu is from a special train & is dated July 7,1968. It says "Enroute
Chicago" & has the PC name & logo at the bottom. $5

8. PC Broadway Limited Dinner Menu (menu #PC-6). Mint green fold-open style
with PC name & logo on the front. Nice fonts & decoration inside, as well as
a large amount of interesting menu choices, including beverages. $5

9. PC Public Timetables- 13 total, 12 different. Included are ones from
Chicago, New York City, Phila. & surrounding area, Boston. A real nice
sampling with a lot of variety. $10

10. LIRR TDI Public TTs. 8 small publics, all from the various lines of the
Long Island RR. Each also has the MTA logo. All 8 are from Oct. 30, 1972. $5

advertising / promotional:

11. PC Cocktail glass.  A really magnificent-looking glass: fat "pebble
finish" bottom, 3.25 inch diameter, 3.5 inch tall, smoked black glass. On
the side in gold: (PC logo) over "PENN CENTRAL COMPANY" in speed lettering.
These are some of the finest-looking PC pieces of any kind that I've come
across. Near mint condition. Don't know the usage. either bar car or
executive giveaway. I suspect the latter, because they seem to be hard to
find. I have 6 available- $18 each- 2 for $35, all 6 for $99.

11a.  PC tie tack- PC logo-shaped gold tie tack with the PC logo done in
green. Mint condition. A really eye-catching piece in mint condition. $9

11b. PC tie tack- square gold tie tack with the PC logo done in gold,
centered against a circular black enamel background. The  black circle is
recessed inside the gold square border, giving the piece a 3-dimensional
quality. VERY NICE- appears to be a higher-quality piece, possibly for
executives? Near mint condition. $18

12. PC "Ladies Day Special" tri-fold brochure.

Nice blue and black promotional brochure with great graphics showing
schedules and rates for mid-day trains. This was one of the programs that PC
promoted to help fill those commuter trains during off-peak periods. Has a
small wrinkle in it (detracts little). $2

13. Metroliner interior photo enlargement.

Not sure who did this enlargement, but I don't think it was done by the
railroad. Nice 8x10 photo shows passengers relaxing in a parlor car setting.
This is an official PRR or PC company photo seen in Metroliner advertising
brochures. It's printed on Kodak Professional paper, it's a little grainy
due to the enlarging. $4.50

14. PC Metroliner book cover- Meant for school kids, this glossy paper book
cover shows a Metroliner passing at speed. Unused condition, but folded. $5

15. "CALL US PENN CENTRAL" pin.  Small white metal lapel "tab" pin, given
out right after the merger for employees to wear. Has red & black PC logo in
the center with "Call us" in red around the top & "Penn Central" in black
around the bottom. Very good condition except for minor scratches. $4.

16. PC letter opener: "YOU CAN COUNT ON US" This PC advertising slogan of
1969-71 era is in green lettering, along with the PC name & logo on a white
background on the circular head of this gold metal letter opener. Comes
complete with original gold cardstock sleeve. A little surface rust here &
there (mainly on the blade inside the sleeve) detracts somewhat. A Marketing
Dept. giveaway item. $9

17. PC 6' tape measure: Gold circular tape measure with the PC name & logo
in green on a white background on one side. Excell17. ent condition (still
in the original plastic wrapper). Marketing Dept. giveaway item. $12.50

18. PC Golf Tees- Small plastic bag (which has a hole in it) contains 5
white plastic tees with the PC logo in green on top. Also includes 2 ball
markers with "Penn Central" on them. $7

19. SOLD

20. PC UNIPECO Fine-Riter pen. UNIPECO made this black plastic (lower half)
and gold metal (upper half) pen in the USA. The PC logo is embossed in gold
against the black background.  A very well-made retractable ball-point pen
for it's day. MINT condition. $7

21. PC pencil- New & unsharpened orange "no.3" pencil with the PC name  &
the "Work In Safety" slogan. $1.50.

22. 2 Conrail pens- black BIC with CONRAIL spelled out in white. The cap is
missing. The other is a BIC knock-off and says "Conrail Altoona Mainline
Safety Achievers". Both for $5

23. Conrail "TRACKS" Railroad Safety Coloring Book. Has an animated crossing
flasher named Tracks that shows kids how to be safe. $3

24. SOLD

25. White glossy folder with CONRAIL name & logo (3 times in different
shades of blue). Has 2 pockets inside for papers, etc. $2 (have 3)

"Souvenirs" (official PC "company store"- nothing aftermarket)

26. SOLD

27. SOLD

28. PC Metroliner Souvenir Coin: Made by the Franklin Mint & about the size
of a silver dollar. Struck in nickel-silver, one side says "THE  METROLINERS
NEW YORK-WASHINGTON" around the edge, with the PC name & logo in the middle.
On the reverse, is the wording  "INAUGURATION OF HIGH-SPEED RAIL
TRANSPORTATION- 1969" around a picture of a Metroliner in the center. Comes
complete in a plastic holder that has a paper insert with "The Metroliners"
on the front and "A Souvenir of  the Inauguration of Penn Central's
Metroliners" on the inside. The coin has had a chemical reaction with the
plastic holder over the years and needs to be polished, as it has some green
tarnish on it. Overall very good condition. $10

28a. PC Refrigerator magnet.  Small green rubber rectangle with PC name &
logo raised in white. Good condition. $5

"Plates" (some more fragile than others)..

29. PC EMD SD40 Builder's plate- Serial number 36925, PC # 6269 dated 1-71.
Rectangular 5x15 inch stainless steel plate with "Electro-Motive Division
LaGrange Illinois", etc. in silver against a black background & the letters
"GM" against a blue background. Very good condition, colors are very strong
& all bolt holes are intact. $70

30. PC EMD GP40 Builder's plate- Serial number 34283, PC # 3106 dated 8-68.
Same plate as above, but needs cleaned. Black paint is in good condition,
blue paint is faded about 50 percent. All bolt holes are intact. $50

31. PC Lake Shore Pioneers 1970 Horseshoe Curve plate.  From the old Lake
Shore & Michigan Southern (later NYC & then PC) picnic which started in
1914. Each year a commemorative 8-inch souvenir plate was issued to everyone
in attendance. This one is from 1970 and shows a nice color rendering of
Horseshoe Curve. Excellent condition. $9

32. "Penn Central Federal Credit Union Syracuse 1948-1972" plate. Nice 8"
souvenir plate with the wording listed in the title in gold around an NYC
F-unit painted in the middle. Excellent condition. Nice display item. $9

"Mixed freight": a little of everything in here. Some really good stuff!

33. Penn Central Safety Training movies (on DVD).  Three short 16mm movies
(about 10-12 minutes each), were produced in (guessing) 1969 by PC. I had
them professionally transferred to DVD. First is titled "Walking or Standing
on Track"; second is: "Operating Hand Switches" and third "Getting On and
Off Equipment". Various "old technology" is shown, such as: hand signals (no
radios), footboards on locomotives, high ladders on cars, journal boxes,
etc. Locomotives shown are GG1s, ALCOs, EMD GP40s, etc. Many NEAT scenes
with music and narration. Film was shot entirely in electrified territory.
It also includes 2 short PSAs from the Green Cross. Condition is reasonably
good- there are scratches in the film and some loss of color (most of it has
a reddish tint to it). But overall, it's a real treat and a pleasure to
watch. About 35 minutes total.  Your choice of DVD or VHS- $20.


 22 page 8.5 X 11 inch booklet which lists in advertising format with words
& pictures, all the various careers available at PC in various fields. Neat
book with lots of graphics & pictures, obviously aimed at college-age
recruits. There are 2 different PC Career books that I know of. This one is
the older of the two, complete with pictures of Saunders & Perlman inside
the front cover (crossed out & "GORMAN" written in). An employee "updated"
this book with a red felt-tipped pen, making various corrections throughout,
to reflect the changes at PC (such as the one just mentioned). Another
example is that the word "Transportation" is inserted between "Penn Central"
and "Company" in red pen on the cover to reflect the name change that PC
underwent. This is the first time I've been able to offer one of these for
sale & only the third Career book I've seen. $22

35. LARGE PC SYSTEM MAP WITH CITIES: Beautiful 26 X 44 (approx). system map
dated 7/71. It is printed in black on light brown paper. Shows the entire
system with MANY names of towns along all lines. Also has callout blocks for
13 major cities, showing enlarged detail of those areas. Other callout
blocks have details about each region and the divisions contained in each
one plus the HQ city for each division. NICE map in excellent condition- no
tears or holes at the folds. $25

36. PC Pinback button. 2.25 inch diameter yellow button that says "Member
(PC logo) Self Preservation Program" in black. On the edge is the
manufacturer's name: Ace Rubber & Stamp, Cleveland. These were given to
employees in the Cleveland area (may have been given out in other areas
also) to promote the idea that "you are responsible for you" in regards to
safety. Very nice looking pin in excellent condition. $15

37. PRR Freight Car Movement Reporting System ruler: Unusual 8 inch white
plastic ruler has the PRR logo at one end & lots of holes that correspond to
letters & numbers on the ruler. I suppose this was used for reading computer
punch cards. Has a standard 8 inch ruler at the top, broken down by 1/16th
inch increments. Interesting piece. $5

38. PRR "POISONOUS" placard. 8 inch diamond, OLD, from 1925! Mounted on
cardboard. Exact wording: "Pennsylvania Railroad System Handle Carefully
POISONOUS Do not permit leaking liquid or solid to touch the skin." Fair
condition overall. All 4 corners are broken off (just the tips) & there is a
tear in it that goes about  way though near the top. The cardboard backing
hides the defects very well, as the placard & backing are almost the same
color. Very neat display piece. $7

39. PC light box.  8.5 x 10.5 inch wooden box with mitered corners, painted
flat black. It has a glass front with the PC logo in white set against a
black background. All the painting is very well done and is on the inside of
the glass. It is lighted inside with a standard incandescent bulb, which
makes the PC logo "glow". It really is an eye-catching piece and would look
great in any display or near a train layout! It's in excellent condition.
This is NOT an "official" PC item, but purely an aftermarket "fantasy" item.
I bought it back about 1979 in a hobby shop in New York City. Due to space
considerations, it's time to let someone else enjoy it for the next 25
years. $45

40. Book: "A Sampling Of Penn Central" by Jerry Taylor.

opinion). Why? Because it was written by a PC General Manager, who KNEW the
railroad. This book covers the entire Southwest Region (Indiana, Illinois,
Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky) in intimate detail. About 400 pages, each
page has a black & white photo with a full page of description about the
photo on the facing page. If you're into how a railroad REALLY works,
trackage arrangements, shippers, operations, etc., then this book simply can
't be beat & can never be duplicated. Originally published in 1973, this is
a 2000 reprint by Indiana University Press. This book is currently available
from IUP for $60, I am offering it for $50 here (brand new, still in the
shrink wrap). Only have 1 copy left. $50

41. "A Sampling of  Penn Central"- (same as above, but used copy). This is a
good choice if you want all the content, but don't mind a little coffee. On
the first 5 or so pages, a coffee stain the size of a quarter is in the top
middle. For the next 20 or so pages (& a very few after that), there is very
MINOR staining along the top edge at the same place. The rear cover has a
stain also. About 370 of the 400 pages are completely clean. An excellent
chance to get a great book at half-off retail. $29

"The Grip" items you would find in a railroader's carry-on bag, or in
everyday use on the railroad.

42. PC Employee Timetables $5 each (unless otherwise noted):


b. Central Region #4- most general orders included


d. Eastern Region #8- many G.O.s. Good used condition.

43. PC CT 405 Special Instructions Governing Operation of Signals and
Interlockings (for Train Dispatchers, Train Directors, Operators and
Levermen). Small green and white booklet from 1968. All kinds of good stuff
for tower men in 15 pages. Good condition. Has holes punched in it for a
3-ring notebook. $2

44. NYCS (New York Central System) RACO signal lock.

This is the style lock that takes the triangular key. Good condition. $9

45. PC POST employee magazine. $2 each unless noted

1971: Jan, April, June, July/Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov/Dec.

1972: Jan, March, May, Aug/Sept. (Agnes issue-$3), Oct./Nov.

1973: March, May/June

46. PRR Rulebooks- $2 each, 5 for $9

a. PRR Air Brake Examination Questions And Answers for Car Inspectors and
Car Air Brake Repairmen -1943 LOTS of great fold-out graphic air brake
charts for specific brake systems.

b. PRR Air Brake Examination Questions And Answers for Locomotive Enginemen,
Firemen, Hostlers, Conductors, and Trainmen- 1961. Again, LOTS of great
fold-out graphic air brake charts for specific brake systems. Over 150

c. same book as "b", but the 1942 issue.

d. PRR book 20-C Instructions for handling Acetylene & Gas Cylinders, etc.

e. PRR 225-E HAZMAT handling book. Red cover is somewhat soiled, but book is
excellent otherwise.

f.  PRR Special Instructions Governing Operation Of Signals and
Interlockings- 1964 Lots of red underlining done by an employee- very good
condition otherwise. 13 pages.

g. PRR Machinery Examinations for Locomotive Firemen- 1949- 140 pages.

h. PRR Safety Rules for Maintenance of Equipment and Stores Employes. 1963
edition in very good condition, with some slight damage to the cover, which
detracts very little.

i. PRR Maintenance Instructions General No. 2 CT2901-A: Inspection and
Coding of Empty Freight General Service Freight Cars, etc.

j. PRR Telegraphic Code book. Blue cover shows significant wear.

47. More PRR books- $5 each- both for $9

a. PRR 1922 "Pennsylvania System Fraternity By-Laws" booklet. Small w/ brown
cover. Folded at one time (crease down the front & some scribbling inside
the front cover. Has to do with an MOW fraternity. never saw this one

b. PRR 1922 "Pennsylvania System Regulations for the Government of Certain
Employees in the MOW and other Departments" Small booklet w/ brown cover.
All kinds of rules, etc. Again, first I've seen this older booklet.

48.  3 PRR employee passes from the late 1950s-1960. One blue, one green,
one tan. Good condition. $5

49. Conrail Division Map Booklet. Shows all the CR divisions, one per page.
>From March 1987. $8

50. Pennsylvania-New York Central Transportation Company Union Agreement
with Clerical, Office, etc. Employes, effective Feb. 1, 1968.  Here's a book
from DAY 1 of PC! Blue softcover with PC logo & name, as well as other
printing on blue cover. Fair condition- some fading on cover, as well as
handwriting. Still a neat book. $2


51. PC Stock Certificates:

First, the original stocks issued from 2/1/68 to 5/1/68:

"Pennsylvania New York Central Transportation Company" (PANYCTC) Capital
Stock less than 100 shares (reddish-brown)

"Pennsylvania New York Central Transportation Company" Capital Stock 100
shares (blue)

On May 1, 1968, the name of the railroad was changed from PANYCTC to "Penn
Central" officially. The original stocks had a red over stamp put on them at
the middle bottom to indicate this change that says "The name of this
Corporation has been changed to PENN CENTRAL COMPANY" These were issued
after May 1, 1968:

"Pennsylvania New York Central Transportation Company" Capital Stock less
than 100 shares (reddish-brown) with red overstamp at the middle bottom.

"Pennsylvania New York Central Transportation Company" Capital Stock 100
shares (blue) with red over stamp.

In late 1969, new stock certificates were issued with the name PENN CENTRAL
COMPANY at the top, replacing the Pennsylvania New York Central
Transportation Company heading:

"Penn Central Company" Common Stock less than 100 shares (gold)

"Penn Central Company" Common Stock 100 shares (pink)

"Penn Central Company" Common Stock more than 100 shares (purple)

I have a few of the PANYCTC stocks dated February 1968- issued in the first
month of  PC's existence! "First come" gets the earliest dates. You are
buying 7 stocks here (1 example of each described above) for 1 money. $19

52.  Just the first four stocks listed above:

First, the original stocks issued from 2/1/68 to 5/1/68:

"Pennsylvania New York Central Transportation Company" (PANYCTC) Capital
Stock less than 100 shares (reddish-brown)

"Pennsylvania New York Central Transportation Company" Capital Stock 100
shares (blue)

 "Pennsylvania New York Central Transportation Company" Capital Stock less
than 100 shares (reddish-brown) with red overstamp at the middle bottom.

"Pennsylvania New York Central Transportation Company" Capital Stock 100
shares (blue) with red over stamp.

All 4 stocks for one money $11

53. PRR stock certificates

Orange with your choice of either the Horseshoe Curve or the Pennsylvania
State Seal vignette. $3 each, 2 for $5 (1 of each style included). 10 stocks
(your choice which style or a mix of both) $10. 50 stocks for $30


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