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PC: NYC/PC/CR Caboose Upgrade!!!

The long awaited NYC caboose upgrade is NOW a reality!
We have the body re-tooled and with receptacles on the body for included filler pipes for fuel and water, and the body now
fits slightly lower over the trucks giving it a much more realistic appearance. 
Also the upgrade includes photo etched parts which includes
perfectly fitting end railings with bendable corners giving the correct appearance of the angle iron end posts complete with the small grab irons near the top 1/3 of the posts.  There are two sets of  etchings depending on whether you are buying an as-built NYC or early PC version with running boards and end ladders, or later PC, Conrail version without running boards or end ladders.  The running boards also include the curved roof top ladder "loops" - semi-circle roof grabs.  Other parts common to both kits include photo etched brake gear rigging, brake wheel chains (to attach to Ajax brake wheel housing, and window frames.
I am going to photo the pre-production sample tomorrow and post the photos to my website - http://www.wrighttrak.com
along with pricing for the kits complete with re-tooled bodies
and photo etched parts, and the photo etched parts will be available separately for those of you who have bought the
cabooses in the past but have not built them yet and would
like to upgrade your kits.
The website will be upgraded with ordering information at 6 PM tomorrow - EST. 
I would like to photo this caboose outdoors tomorrow (weather permitting) but we are expecting rain and possibly snow.  I tried this weekend to do this but high winds have made this impossible.  If need be, I will be photographing the
model indoors. 
If you are interested in ordering these newly upgraded kits
please check out our website tomorrow evening (provided the snow doesn't create a power outage). 
We will be taking orders all this week so if you want to be in
on the first run I suggest you contact me ASAP.
I can be contacted off list at wrighttrak@alltel.net
Also, the 50' Fruit Growers Express refrigerator cars w/ 6'
plug (built 1954 and operated until the early 80's) are now
available.  Will be taking orders this week as well.  These
are available at $47.95 each plus $5.00 shipping.  A pre-production sample (prior to the availability of the photo etched parts) are now on our web page.  Photos of a completed car will be posted tomorrow weather permitting (or we will use indoor photography.
The Southern 50' all waffle side boxcar (circa 1974) will be available at the Savannah RPM meet, March 31 -  April 1.  Price TBA soon. 
Pre-production photos will be posted in early March.
In consideration of our fellow list members if you have any questions/comments please contact me  OFF LIST at wrighttrak@alltel.net
Gary Wright
Wright Trak Railroad Models
P O Box 158
Clarkesville, GA  30523

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