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RE: PC: Switcher cab window variations

>In your photo section, you have three different photos of EMD switch 
>engines, #8606,8619 and 8891. I have been doing a little research regarding 
>the unusual window arrangement, but can't seem to find a reason why they 
>had this set-up... I'm at a loss on this one! Anyone know the purpose 
>behind these windows, and why they were on certain switchers? I had 
>originally thought the 8619 had that from being repaired after it was 
>damaged or wrecked, but apparently it was more widespread than that.

There were atleast two maybe 3 orders of NYC switchers that had cab windows 
like this (as built). I'de have to look up the info again to see which 
numbers (and later PC and Conrail) would have them. They appeared only on 
that side of the engine. Why were they like this? Not sure but, the engineer 
sits on the other side, so maybe a window for the other two seats on that 
side, conductor and breakman? Union Rules? It was common to have a paird 
window set on that side of the engine on some NYC steam engies.

Michigan City, IN

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