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PC: PC/NH MOW equipment colors

 From about the mid fifties on most of the New Haven MoW/company service
equipment was painted a bright red except for the largest steam derricks
which remained black.  Some of the wire train cars were yellow (platform
and spool cars come to mind).  Pile drivers, Jordan Spreaders and Barber
Greene snow melters were black.  Before the mid fifties boxcar red seems
to be the predominant color but with all of the derricks being black.  A
few small crawler cranes received green and orange bodies with other
parts being black.  Wooden snowplows were originally varnished in their
natural wood color but this switched to BCR in the 20s (+/-?).  The same
team that designed the N over H logo for the road also proposed painting
all of the plows and flangers WHITE and cabooses all black.  So much for
 John W.

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