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Re: PC: P&LE/PC boxcar 24982

Haagtk -AT- aol.com wrote:

> Not sure what class it is but I believe it is from a large series of 50' 
> cars that the P&LE stretched from old 40' boxcars.  
> Here is another shot:
> http://gelwood.el.wny.org/nyc/ple25704.jpg

That is a nice looking boxcar. And since I model PC in P&LE territory, 
my layout someday should have at least one. :)

Tom, any idea what you'd use to model that car?

Dave: the lot number for the car (following NYC practice) is stenciled 
about the worm emblem on the car in that photo. Unfortunately, my blind 
eyes can't quite make it out, but it looks like 961-B, 991-B, something 
like that...


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