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Re: PC: PC MOW equipment colors

 The Pennsy Freight Car C.G. has work cars in both lemon and battleship tones into the Penn Central era.
 At least for Pennsy, if the car number was a 496-series, it was company service.

Jerry Jordak <jer -AT- smellycat.com> wrote:
Bjorn890@aol.com wrote:

> However, back on the maintenance side of
> things...did PC then paint the majority of maintenance equipment yellow?

Yes, for the most part, although with PC, nothing is ever set in stone!

Many covered hoppers that were used in sand service (see the photos on
my web site) wore PC green paint, but carried a 5-digit number and often
had an "S" in a square (a throwback to the PRR's designation for
"stores" service). There probably was some MOW equipment that was
painted in other colors too.

PRR had been painting their! MOW equipment in "camp car yellow" since the
mid 1950s. Before that, PRR used gray for MOW, and I'm guessing though
that there was probably some PRR MOW equipment that survived to the PC
in gray. (Can anyone confirm/deny that?)

NYC originally used brown for MOW equipment, although the NYC Color
Guide book shows also some later pictures of MOW equipment in Century
Green as well. I'm guessing some of that NYC MOW equipment lasted a
while into PC in green.

I can't speak for how the NH painted their MOW equipment.


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