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PC: Switcher cab window variations

The following email came to me from a web site visitor, and this got me
wondering, as this was something I had really never noticed before:

> In your photo section, you have three different photos of EMD switch
> engines, #8606,8619 and 8891. I have been doing a little research 
> regarding the unusual window arrangement, but can't seem to find a 
> reason why they had this set-up. I have some posts on 
> www.railroad.net under PC, but still can't find an answer! Would you
> happen to know? What was the purpose? Were they built by EMD with 
> this arrangement or was it modified by the railroad? So far I have 
> found at least 20 examples of locos with this type of side windows. 
> Thanks for your time.....   Chuck

The pictures from my web site that he refers to are:


Notice the large solid post in the middle of the side cab windows and
the split armrest on either side of it. I had originally thought that
only the 8619 had this, but in going back and looking at the pictures,
the other two switchers mentioned indeed have this window arrangement 
too. I checked my copy of Penn Central Power, and it shows that the 8693 
and the 8883 also had the same windows.

I'm at a loss on this one! Anyone know the purpose behind these windows,
and why they were on certain switchers? I had originally thought the
8619 had that from being repaired after it was damaged or wrecked, but
apparently it was more widespread than that.


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