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I know an owner of a jokelist that would have had a little fun with this 
guy, especially since he can't seem to read directions. Good call on booting 
him, Jerry!

BTW, are there any PC passenger car modelers out there? I'm still working on 
the P70s and PS124 sleeper myself. The P70s are almost done, but the P70 is 
going to take awhile. When I pulled it from storage over the weekend...most 
of my hard work was ruined. The car sides warped! But, not to worry--I'm 
using them as a pattern to build another car.

--Chris Osterhus

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>PKMac101 -AT- aol.com wrote:
>>         Anyone know who this P.O.list member is?
>Looks like he's a dispatcher for RJ Corman. For his sake and those on his 
>railroad, I hope he's at dispatching trains than he is at figuring out 
>mailing list subscriptions.
>Usually my list filter picks these kinds of requests out and deletes them 
>before they make the list, so I apologize for the interruption. And yes, 
>this clown has been removed, per his wishes.
>And as reference, unsubscribe instructions are in the headers of every 
>message, and can also be found at http://pc.smellycat.com/list.html

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