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Re: PC: P&H track chart

Hi Lon,

         I have a 1969 NJ Division track chart of the Passaic Branch and
the Harsimus Banch.
The Passaic Branch milepost "0" starts at WA-5 and goes to milepost "4"
at the Passaic River. From there it's 1859ft to Karny Tower.
        The Harsimus Branch is a little tricky. Milepost "0" is in
Manhatten and is numbered west to milepost "7" at the Center Street
         I'll have to dig out my PRR and Conrail charts.


Ok, this is where it is so confusing.
Harsimus Cove Yard is said to be on the P&H branch. I am curious as to 
what milepost the sixth street embankment is and what branch it is.
Unless it is considered 'yard limit' territory, but it branches off the 
P&H at Harrison (exchange place).
They are wanting to bulldoze the 6th street embankment and build condos.

A very confusing piece railroad this area is!

Thanx for any help.

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