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PC: Re: ICC accident reports online

> While this applies for all railroads, it is especially relevant for the
> Penn Central, considering how many wrecks and derailments they had. :)
> There is a site online with full ICC accident reports from 1911 to 1994:
> http://dotlibrary.specialcollection.net/
> Go to this page, then click on "I.C.C. Historical Railroad Investigation 
> Reports" and browse through the different years listed. Each report is 
> listed by the railroad company involved.
> For example, the famous OV-8 wreck at the Cleveland drawbridge is listed 
> under 1974 as "Penn Central Transportation Company." There's also a search 
> facility as well.
> -JWJ

 The listings are incomplete, as the L&N disaster at Waverly, TN is not 
listed. In fact the L&N has but 3 investigations lsited after 1951. Maybe 
it's a start on a complete on-line listing. 

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