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PC: Trackside around NJ-1968-1983

Hey Y'all...

             I just got the new Morning Sun Book,"Trackside around New
Jersey,1968-1983" today in the mail. There is a large Penn Central
section in this book. The other featured railroads are the Erie
Lackawanna and the CNJ. 
             The Penn Central section is mostly around Newark (mainline
south to Rahway), Waverly Yard, Weehawken,and the West Shore. (Hey
Chuck), there are some nice shots shots of the Multi-Levels in and
around Weehawken. Also, early Conrail. You guys who like EL and CNJ will
really enjoy this book. 
            I think the last time the PC worms were on the cover of a
Morning Sun Book was "Penn Central Power". (almost 20 years ago)

Dave Hopson

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