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Re: PC: ex NYC GP35s - nose doohickey - ACI Labels

 I thought the ATS gear was located in a box on the right side. But then, how else will anyone learn but by sessions like this?
 On an odd side note, while picking up my lady love from Wichita Falls (5 hour drive from Austin, TX), I saw a great many cars still sporting their ACI labels. It's the former Santa Fe line (Fort Worth to W.F.) in that area, and the cars were unit coal going to Ft. W.. UFIX marks, even some still sporting their "ACF Coal-Porter" trademarks. In any case, for being so old and well-worked, the condition of the paint was quite good.
 Happy New Year to everyone.

Jerry Jordak <jer -AT- smellycat.com> wrote:
Peter King wrote:

> A friend sent me a picture of a PC (ex NYC) GP35. It has a cylindrical
> shape on the right side of the nose, on a bracket. ! There's a conduit
> coming out of the bottom. I've seen this on the NYC GP40s as well.
> Anyone know what it is?

Kind of like this one?


If so, that was part of NYC's Automatic Train Stop (ATS) equipment. ATS
would automatically stop a train if it went past a stop signal. I think
the system was removed shortly after the bankruptcy in 1970. Some of our
former PC engineers on this list can probably elaborate on this.

Some ex-NYC Geeps also had this equipment, such as this one:



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