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PC: Re: 75' piggyback flatcars on PC

Mont Switzer has been doing a multi-part article on these cars in Mainline 
Modeler the last couple of issues and he hinted at an article on cars that 
survived intact into Conrail.
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Sent: Tuesday, December 27, 2005 10:20 PM
Subject: PC: 75' piggyback flatcars on PC

>I have a question for the PC piggyback experts:
> PRR in the mid-1950s bought and used 75' F39 class flatcars that could 
> carry two 32' trailers. These cars were later transfered to Trailer Train 
> and carried TTX reporting marks.
> In the 1960s, the 40' trailer started to become common, and Trailer Train 
> started to buy the more common 85' flatcar to carry pairs of 40' trailers.
> What I'd like to know is: how long were the 75' flatcars in service, and 
> did they make it into Penn Central in piggyback service?
> And yes, I have several of these cars (the old Walthers kits) whose 
> existence I'm trying to better justify on my layout. :)
> Thanks,
> -JWJ

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