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Re: PC: 75' piggyback flatcars on PC

My 1966 ORE shows most F39 flats still in service in original length. Some had been restenciled ATTX but most were still TTX. A large number existed into the late 80's as farm,equipment flats. the continuous tie down rails were usefull in this application.
 ---------------------------  Ken McCorry

zootowerprr -AT- webtv.net wrote:
Hi Jerry..

Most of the original PRR flats were made longer to 85ft cars
(after the cars went to Trailer Train in early 1960s). The ones that
weren't, went to another TTX class (non piggyback). So, in other words,
you can't use them for TOFC in the PC era.
I think the Equipment Registers from the early to mid 1960s
have notes on the 75ft cars the were modified to 85ft. I'll do some
digging in my books.

Dave Hopson

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